First steps

The order is placed (gulp) . The deposit has been paid. The colour chosen and the first to do list developed. I hope there are lots of discounts at the upcoming (as they say) LBS….

Terrance, the curmudgeonly trailer which carried Vagabond a few thousand miles (more than Vagabond sailed!),  has been upgraded. It (definitely not a she or a he, despite the name) struggled to carry Vagabond and I found out why – it was only rated for 1500kg and the whole shebang (Trailer and Boat)  weighed in at 1650 kg when I put it on a weighbridge a year or so ago. Since then, it’s had the “old man” electric winch and battery added.

Now I need to think of more names for the various bits of kit:

Boat:     Riff Raff         tick

Owners Agent:    unchanged     tick

Outboard :  not a Mercury, so can’t be Freddie: it might be a Tohatsu so could be Tottie – but that’s a bit sexually inappropriate these days.

Dinghy – a new one – can it be Doris 2? No I don’t thing so.

Enough. I need a cup of tea.



4 thoughts on “First steps”

  1. I was under the impression that you had your head down composing some intellectually challenging thesis – how wrong can one be?
    Good luck
    The Underwriter


  2. You kept all this bloody quiet , didn’t you? I’m actually a bit miffed: your loyal (ehem) readers had almost lost faith in you.
    Delighted to see that you fourth form level proofreading skills are still as inebriated as usual: that was always part of the fun, and looking forward to following your future adventures.
    (Oh, and it is far too late now, but yes, it should have been an electric outboard, but you would expect me to say that, wouldn’t you, as I am now the secretary of the EBA : every small boat should be powered by wind and sunshine, IMHO )


    1. Hi Bayrock, glad you’re still with the plan. I’ll do my best to keep you on tenterhooks with the pruf reading. You’ll never know if it’s the onset of Parkinsons or Alzheimers or deliberate or just plain eagerness to get into print! Thanks for your observations on outboards…….


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