It’s Officially Winter

Now I know the Met Office, in its wisdom still thinks its autumn but as far as Riff Raff is concerned it’s winter.

She was dismasted (deliberately I would add), packed up and strapped to Terence a couple of weeks ago. This morning, Terence was hitched to Martina and we set off (with my heart in my mouth) from Northney for West Wales. It was with trepidation that we departed because this was to be the first “high speed” journey of the ensemble since Terences axle had been moved back several inches. Was this going to be the answer to the dreaded “trailer sway”?

Despite an 07:30 departure, there was no chance to test this until we were past Winchester and on the A34 – the first hour was spent in heavy traffic and we covered the staggering distance of 23 miles. All seemed well on the A34 – with the cruise control set to 50, no sway was noticed. We joined a surprisingly quiet M4 at Newbury and cruise control was inches up to 60 and was left there for an hour or so. No sway. Average speed had now crept up to 34.  After that we cruised at about 65 (and even touched 70 at times – all in the spirit of scientific investigation, you understand) without mis-behaviour. We had to slow down for the rolling A40 to the west of Carmathen.

What was I worrying about? Scotland here we come – next year.