To my reader(s) – HAPPY CHRISTMAS * and a prosperous and healthy New Year**

You’ve all given up on me – not a word since August and now a non pc seasonal greeting. Yes, I’ve been idle on the boating front.

Lockdown has been “winterised” – her sail is off a in a bg in my garage. All loose ropes have been taken home and washed in the washing machine *** and the centre board sent on a slimming course.

You may have read that, despite having had all the anit foul taken off it, it still stug resolutely at about half down. So I attacked it with a plane and took off all the paint and filler and one laminate of the top layer of ply wood. This made it about 2mm thinner, |(after repainting) so it had better now fit. I wait a break in the gloomy cold weather to find out.

In the meantime, I’ve not been idle – I’ve actually been reading lots of books as research for my PhD. Most were relevant and I have now passed my “upgrade”, meaning I’m an official Research Student, not just condemned to Master of Philosophy status…..

Cheers for the New Year (well the one celebrated by ancient white men and therefore not to be mentioned in woke circles……

  • * If you prefer, for Christmas think Holidays

** Whenever your calendar tells you it starts

*** 20 minite eco cycle if you must know