Lock Down 3 – Mid May Motors

It’s now mid May. The trouble with writing a blog is you have to keep at it or your  reportage becomes rapidly out of date. My reader(s) (yes, there is now more than one of you) would think that with this lockdown stuff there would be oodles of time for me to put my thoughts on paper 1 as well do the boat building. Sadly, this is not the case for it seems that search engines produce the same time dilation effects as those emanating from  libraries and book shops (see previous posts on this matter). I apologise to one of my readers – the insurance underwriter (ret’d) – he is complaining that he doesn’t understand my blogs anymore because of these weird references so he’s probably watching cricket or golf – except that there isn’t any at the moment. 2

But, as usual, I digress. Now for some nature notes. 3 The weather can’t make up it’s mind about the season. On Monday last week, the workshop fire went unlit for the first time since I started this project. Only for one day, because we seem to be back in winters grip, with strong gales that rip the young leaves off the tress behind the cow boat shed. Speaking of cows, the farmer has bought some livestock. Last weekend he moved them into the field adjacent to my shed.  They were curious beasts and came to see what I was up to.

They soon wandered off when they discovered I hadn’t any buckets containing calf nuts (or whatever). No wonder the one in the middle looks cross.

Other news: I had an exciting (and probably illegal) visit early last week. It was the purser, last seen in blog form in Vagabond on the north Cornish coast. He was excited by the project and has requested to be present at the launch. That’s at least five who want to come – I’ll be able to sell tickets soon.

Now to the exciting topic of the motor. The designer and I had decided that it is time to go green and be rid of the noisy, oily  and smelly outboard that is usually hung on the back of a small boat. Yes, I now it’s going to have a sail (lug rigged) and even oars. But there will be a time when these can’t be used 4 so some form of engine is essential.

The intention is to use a new electric motor known as a Pod 1 supplied by epropulsion. Here’s a photo (taken from their web site).

The design of the boat has a well in the middle of the stern section that has been tailored round this Pod and the intention is that the Pod will be mounted in this well on some form of lifting platform so that the motor can be raised from the water when it’s not in use. 5

‘Don’t worry about that’ I said loftily to the designer, I’ll sort that out. It’s now time to put my creative skills to work.

A prototype of my efforts is shown in the next video, together with voice over. 6

Clearly, the design needs a bit of refinement! Now I know that there is room for the motor, I suppose I’d beter buy one, rather rely on the wooden blocks!

That’s about it as far as the motor is concerned.

Other stuff that’s been done in the last couple of week has been the addition of scantlings and lips around all the bulkheads in the boat, to add a bit of stiffness and to provide some “lands” on which to glue decks. The interior faces of the ballast tank and the various buoyancy compartments have been coated in epoxy to try to make them waterproof. Now that’s a really messy job.

We’re almost at the stage of gluing on the deck. But I’m sure there’s lots more I’ve go to do before taking that step.

You’ll have to wait for the next thrilling instalment.


1 A little outdated I’m afraid. I am actually bashing the keys on a pc.

2 Although I’m wrong about golf, I think our great leader Boris allowed it to be legal between consenting adults as of today!

3 This will annoy the other of my regular reader who complained the other week about woodpeckers etc

4 E.G. when the owner has mislaid the oars and nature has lost the wind

5 Or can be lifted out of the way when there is a danger of running into the hard stuff

6 Does this mean that I’m now a vlogger?

By the way, the pursers last exploits can be seen at :


2 thoughts on “Lock Down 3 – Mid May Motors”

  1. Been thinking about electric motor myself but was there supposed to be a video of the prototype lifting mechanism? ……and yes the Friesian did look a bit miffed 😀


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