Nothing to report (sort of )

WordPress keep reminding me that I need to keep blogging, to increase the monitisation of my site. I’ve already added an “icon” so that people will recognise the site in their browser. I’m getting a bit out of my technical depth here, so I’ll quit whilst I think I’m ahead.  Riff Raff and I have had 15 visitors today! Wow! We’ll soon be going viral, even though there’s nothing to report.


Well, that’s not quite true. I spent a day or so last week, whilst waiting in vain for the wind to drop a bit*, trying to fit the tent.  Regular readers may recall that I picked this up from a sailmaker in Poole a couple of weeks ago. This tent can be likened to a huge pram hood, with hoop frames made of short lengths of stainless steel that slot together and a canvass (or similar) top and sides. No instructions were supplied for the fitting, so it took a lot of trial and error to get all the pieces of metal put together in the right order and mounted on the boat. Pieces of wood had to be obtained (Utile, of course) from a local timber merchant, flexible sealant from a chandlery), the Workmate assembled, measurements taken saws, planes and drills used and, hey presto, as if by magic the frame was fitted.

When the cover was applied, it was clearly fitted in not quite the right place so the whole exercise had to be repeated. O er – moving the position of the wooden mountings meant using a cheese wire to unseat the ones in the wrong place and  this revealed a slight flaw in the layup of the composite material forming the cockpit coaming. A 1 x 1.5 inch strip of the gel coat came away with the wood, revealing a layer of glass fibre lay up that was free of polymer……… Oops I hope there’s not more like that in the rest of the hull.

Fixing this delayed things a bit and I had just finished putting in place the new wooden mounts when the wind obligingly dropped. So we went sailing for an hour or so. Then the rain started and it was time to come home. The tent is still not fully fitted.

Read more about it (and see some pictures (but not of the defective lay up))  in the next episode………




* I’ve become a bit of wimp and must get over it. When I took VAgabond round Britain, I wouldn’t sail if there was an F6** or above in the forecast. Recently I seem tp have slipped to F5

** Beaufort force for the wind strength. Admiral Beaufort documented this wind strength scale in 1805. I’ve discovered that it wasn’t invented by him – there had been others before him but he was the man who persuaded the British Admiralty to officially adopt  it ***. in 1835. You can read more about it at:

*** Well, he was an Admiral, after all

2 thoughts on “Nothing to report (sort of )”

  1. …….no you’re not a whip just like me you have realised that you don’t need to sail in heavy weather (all relative to the size of boat) and we are supposed to enjoy Sailing ⛵️🤔😎


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