Stack Packs and Stays (Corsets)

Our readership has grown to three. Keep it up, spread the word etc etc. I can’t remember if I told you, dear reader(s), of the disappointment that I had with one part of Riff Raff’s equipment – the stack pack. I always thought they (it?) were called the lazy jacks and a sail bag but, I suppose, stack pack sounds so much more metro-sexual and therefore coool. Anyway, the one (ones?) supplied with Riff Raff was so tight that it squashed the sail when one tried to do it up. I suppose it should really be called a corset or a set of stays – but Riff Raff already has four of the latter (but, so far as I know, none of the former). But I digress. So I threw a wobbly with the builder: we added a few inches* here and there and, hey presto, designed a new version. It eventually arrived, in the right colour and is now fitted.

The sail can breathe in and out in comfort whilst at rest.

Here’s a photo of the two, with the older one on top. You can see the where the extra inches were added.sail bag


All I have o do now is persuade the lazy jacks to catch the sail.

Now we’re off somewhere and you can read about it in the next thrilling installment. Don’t change channel.**



* Just remember 1 inch = 2.54 cm – it’s a generational thingy  nothing to do with Brexit.

** Another generational thingy to do with broadcast rather than streamed TV stations

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