Specify Specify (1) – The Sails

Vagabond made do with the standard two sails. A diminutive jib (the one at the front) and a large main (the one on the back of the mast). This was great in most instances but in light airs and downwind her performance was not that spectacular (it might have had something to do with the helmsman too….)

Riif Raff will be superior and have an extra sail which will be- an alternative to the jib in the right conditions . This third, lightweight, sail is known as an asymmetric (or a poor mans spinnaker). We should now go faster downwind in anything under a force 2 – assuming that I can eventually successfully hoist the thing – for they can be tricky to “fly”.

It’s made of several shaped panels in a specific layout: these can be of different colours. One is allowed a choice of three different colours plus white.

The flower farmer, now returned from Nova Scotia and living in the Borders* as a Shamanic Practitioner and author  (see her web site at  Plant Spirit Healing  ),  is the artistic one in the family. She has produced four versions of the pattern , shown below. Sadly her drawing programme has developed a flaw (or is it a bug?, or a glitch? or even a branch?) and the top quadrant of each has not been populated with the colours (or so I’m told).

RiffRaff spinnaker

Top left has it for me. Bottom left would be appropriate for a boat called   ‘Dennis the Menace” and bottom right has  “Super Hero” written all over it.

Now it needs a name….



*The Borders – the beautiful land between England and Scotland,  with the River Tweed running through it. Famous for the lawless nature of it’s peoples,  the Border Reivers, until a few of hundred years ago, it has been relatively peaceful since the Act of Union in 1707.  In this era of Scottish Devolution and Brexit will it remain so?

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